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Reservation termsRoyal Apartments

The following Terms and Conditions apply when making a reservations for any individual apartment with Royal Apartments.


1. Methods of booking.
Reservation can be made using our:
online reservation system, which can be found:

After contacting us via e-mail or telephone you will receive a „confirmation letter” sent to your e-mail contact that was given during the telephone conversation or directly as a reply to your e-mail inquiry. This letter will contain all the necessary information regarding how to complete the pre-payment to have a guaranteed reservation, information such as: name of the apartment, length of stay, total price for stay, amount of pre-payment which is up to 30% of the total cost of stay that needs to be completed and our bank account information.

2. Confirmation of Guaranteed Reservation.
After having completed the pre-payment and upon receiving the transfer of funds into our bank account the status of your reservation will become Guaranteed, and you will receive a confirmation in your e-mail.

Check-in begins at 15:00.
On arrival, please confirm your arrival time by phone: +48 790 500 635.
Handing out of the keys to the apartment and settling any outstanding balance of the total cost of stay is to be done at the latest upon arrival at our office at 3 Maja Street 67-69 3rd Floor Sopot.
There is a possibility of checking in directly at the apartment for an additional fee of 50 PLN, this option is only available after prior contact by phone.
Check-in can be made during the following hours:

  • 15:00 to 20:00 free of charge at our office at 3 Maja Street 67-69 3rd Floor Sopot.
  • from 20:00 to 22:00 at our office for an additional fee of 50 PLN,
  • from 22:00 to 02:00 at our office for an additional fee of 80 PLN.

Check out is from 07:00 until 11:00 AM.
The day before departure, please call the concierge of your apartment to establish the exact time of check-out. The concierge will come to the apartment, make sure that everything is in order, collect the keys and if everything is in order return the deposit.
If you wish to check-out before 07:00 AM an additional fee of 80 PLN will be charged.

1.All the prices offered by the Royal Apartments are denominated in PLN and include the currently applicable VAT. Confirmed prices may include breakfast or other meals, or may contain only the price of the accomodation. Confirmed price for one day or several days depending on the price structure, such as weekends, which concern two or three-day stay at the apartment.

2.The pre-payment it to be completed within 4 bank days from the initial reservation date in order to be guaranteed.

3.The oustanding balance for the total cost of stay is to be settled upon arrival at the Royal Apartments reception either by cash or by credit card.

4.For additional services not covered by the reservation, these oustanding costs are to be settled on the spot.


1. Royal Apartments reserves the right to retain the pre-payement paid in case of cancellation of the reservation.

2. Late arrival or leaving the apartment before the end of the stay, except for random events beyond the control of the booking, excludes Royal Apartments from the obligation to reimburse payment for unused services covered by the reservation.

3. The term "random event" should be understood as cases of force majeure and other events and disasters caused by the action of the elements or forces of nature and human activity that can not be predicted in the normal course of proceedings.

4. Royal Apartments reserves the right to cancel any reservation in the event of reasons beyond Royal Apartments control, including random event within the meaning of the above. In case of cancellation by Royal Apartments, Royal Apartments is to return the money from the reservation, including the pledge, which exhausts all the claims of the contract for default. Reimbursement takes place within 7 days from the date of cancellation.


1. The activities during check-in requires the guest to present a valid identity document (passport or other accepted document in Poland).

2.The maximum number of people that can stay in the apartment is indicated in the booking confirmation. This information can also be found under each apartments description.
Use of the apartment by more people than what is in the contract may only take place with a written agreement by Royal Apartments. In the case of receiving information that the number of people using the apartment is larger than that provided in the agreement, Royal Apartments reserves the right to terminate the service contract with immediate effect and enforce a penalty for each additional person in the amount of 300 zł / night.

3. Royal Apartments shall not be liable for any inconvenience caused during the stay related to: construction or finishing work that may be conducted on the premises where the apartment is located ,the surrounding area for reasons beyond the control of Royal Apartments, delivery of utilities (eg current, water,) emissions (particularly noise) from the neighboring property.

4. Smoking on the premises where the apartment is located is allowed only in designated areas. For breaking the ban, in particular for smoking in the apartment, the guests will be charged a fine up to 300.00 zł (three hundred zlotys).

5. Extension of the stay should be reported no later than 16:00 hours on the day before the departure. Extension of the stay will be only be possible if the apartment in question is available and no other booking has been made.

6. The guest is liable for any material destruction or damage to persons or property arising from his fault or third parties associated with the stay. Royal Apartments is not liable for any damages to material property or persons resulting from the above mentioned.

7. The possibility to stay in the apartment exists only with prior agreement by Royal Apartments. Be aware that in public places animals might be required to wear a leash or muzzle. The guest is liable to any damage caused in the apartment by their pet or the pets of third parties.

8. Making a reservation and paying the pre-payment constitutes the acceptance of all the above mentioned Terms and Conditions.

9. If you have any problems with making reservations or questions regarding our services please contact Royal Apartments by email:, or by phone: +48 790 500 635

tel: +48 790 500 635     email: