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We assist you in selecting the proper real estate investment. As an invester, interested in joining our group of apartment owners, you are given a variety of apartments to select from in newly constructed building in Sopot, Gdańsk and Jelitkowo. At this stage we are able to offer you sound advice on where to buy, price and how to optimize the premises. When deciding to buy from a developer we offer full support and we ask you to make use of our experience in this matter in terms of planning the area and room distribution of the apartment in order to adapt the apartment for rental. In this way we can minimize additional costs for you by avoiding having to reconstruct the apartment at latter stages.
In the next stage, we offer our expertise in interior design, and after approval of the cost estimate we will begin with the interior finish, furnishing and equipping the apartment. We are able to guarantee a fast and high quality of interior finish and furnishing so that the apartment meets the appropriate standards as soon as possible and is ready to be placed on the market, ready for hire. Our experience in the field of apartment rentals allows us to advice you on how to optimally arrange your apartment with only what is needed while achieving the required level of quality. We know where guests place their attention and what equipment they expect and in this way we can avoid overinvesting in certain aspects of the apartment. By letting us arrange the apartment you save yourself the time to search for and monitor teams for: logistics, procurement and also minimizes the risk of „misinterpretation” of the customer needs.

Ofcourse the possibility of preparing the apartment for rent on your own exists, without the participation of Royal Apartments. However, this is a very important process that affects the yields of rentals later and has a direct effect on the profitability of the investment. By using us you will benefit from our experience and in effect a very lucrative ROI time. This is possible by minimizing your costs and expenses that can result from damage by usage, but still having one of the most attractive apartments. With your apartment now ready for rental, you can sign a lease with Royal Apartments and begin to profit from the rentals.

Royal Apartments distinguishes the following types of apartments:

  • studio apartment - hall, living room with kitchenette and sofa bed, bathroom (Minimum size is 20 m2)
  • two-bedroom apartment - hall, lounge (sofa bed), kitchen, bathroom and bedroom
    (Queen Bed) (minimum size is 38 m2)
  • apartments - three or more rooms, same as above (minimum size is 60 m2)

Royal Apartments is involved in, besides rentals of typical apartments, rentals of apartments for family and business. This classification of apartments helps us to target a specific group of customers and create an offer of apartments that is able to meet their needs.

The facilities used in these apartments are often crucial to their selection. The exact specification of the equipment in the apartment type family and business will be delivered to interested investors.

Categorization of our apartments was made after conducting hundreds of interviews and analysis of questionnaires filled in by guests. From these questionnaires we gained the informatio and knowledge on how to be able to meet the needs of our customers and so we introduced a system of standardization of our apartments. This categorization is intended to achieve a transparent, customer-friendly offer and facilitate the decision-making process of our guests who are used to hotel standards. This kind of information will assist the client in choosing the appropriate apartment that is suited for his/her needs.

Criteria for standardization of apartments:

  • location:
    • distance from the sea
    • distance from the city center
  • Investment, estate on which an apartment is located:
    • quality of investment,
    • decorative finish,
    • date of construction,
    • surroundings.
  • parking (underground/ above-ground),
  • surveillance (closed estate/ monitored/ with security guard),
  • equipment:
    • obligatory (basic),
    • extra (upgrading the standard).
  • apartment’s adjustment to given kind:
    • business,
    • family.
  • interior:
    • freshness - time from the last renovation till hiring out
    • decor components: design objects (vases, pictures, lamps, etc), spaces fit to form a whole,
    • utility, functionality, ergonomy.

All of the above criteria has an assigned value and the process of categorization is based upon these values, which is presented in the form of "stars" on the website and the different booking websites.

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